Bye Bye Writer's Block & Hello Creative & Vibrant Living Mini Course

With daily and monthly check-ins and assessments, you can see what is working and what is not, as well as still being able to celebrate being in full motion. Maximize the book and your potential.


The Hero's Journey In Travel Writing: How Using the Hero 's Journey Structure Will Improve Your Travel Writing

At Creative Mermaids the only thing we love more than travel itself, is writing about it. This course and accompanying digital journal is designed to help you shape and publish your story.


From Tentative Scribblings to Creative & Vibrant Writer

This is for those who enjoy the rawness of life and creativity. I don't teach the refined product phase. I teach the messy middle. I teach getting it out. You can't fix what doesn't exist. Join & embrace your creative & vibrant life!


Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat

A virtual retreat with yoga, meditation and creating from the messy middle.


Creative Coaching

Creativity Coaching For Introverts, Mamas, & Busy Creatives