At Creative Mermaids the only thing we love more than travel itself, is writing about it. This course and accompanying digital journal is designed to help you shape and publish your story.

Often as we travel we have a fantastic time and yet we have no idea why no one wants to read our blog or listen to our stories.

The culprit is often not understanding story structure. A common problem with travel writing is that the author strings together a series of events without any coherent theme or accepted story structure in place.

The adventure was a wonderful experience, but to take others along for the ride with you, you need to impose a structure on your experience that allows them to live vicariously through you. 

They want to see a beginning, middle and end! With a coherent theme running throughout. 

Using a condensed and easy to follow summary of the Hero's Journey story structure, this course helps you do just that! 

Includes the digital version of The Creative Mermaids Travel Writer's Journal,  a travel journal with the travel writer in mind!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Course

    • Travel Writer Journal Digital Version

    • Welcome Video

  • 3

    Act 1

    • Video: Act 1

  • 4

    Act 2

    • Video: Act 2

  • 5

    Act 3

    • Video: Act 3

  • 6

    The Feminine Journey

    • Video: The Feminine Journey

  • 7

    The Masculine Journey

    • Video: The Masculine Journey

  • 8


    • Video: Conclusion

About the instructor

Chief Mermaid

Sherrie McCarthy

Sherrie lives on a boat with 2 kids, a dog and her boyfriend.  She is the chief mermaid at Creative Mermaids. Her passion is helping you create and embrace your "messy middle". Or that place where you are not a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly, and instead you feel like a dissolved and gooey mess. I'm here to remind you that there is a cocoon and all the best art comes from that place. 

Get started on your travel writing journey today!

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